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I first managed to get my cartoons into print in student publications while an undergraduate at the University of Western Australia back in the 1970s..

In 1990 I was given the opportunity to be published to a wider audience when Jesuit Publications started up the national monthly magazine Eureka Street. I was also invited to contribute to the quarterly magazine Australian Catholics, when Jesuit Publications launched that a few years later.

Since that time, I have had work published in a number of other places, including in the UK weekly, The Spectator and the Birmingham Post. In 2005 I was commissioned to do occasional cartoons for the Review section of The Age, Melbourne, until, like a lot of other interesting newspaper features, it got the chop. I was also a regular contributor to The Perth Weekly until it closed in November 2001. Other publications that have used my work include, Hearsay, the magazine of the W.A. Legal Aid Commission, and Campus News, the University of Western Australia's staff magazine. My clients have also included the West Australian Nurse's Federation, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

In November 1998 I completed a Graduate Diploma in Film and Television (Multimedia) at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. The main project I competed for my cousre was an interactive story titled Home Page authored in Macromedia Director (remember Macromedia? Adobe bought it out.) The project won a West Australian Screen Award for Animation and New Media in 2000, and was a finalist in the1999 Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Awards and the 2000 Australian Teachers Of Media Awards. Unfortunately the Director format is long out of date, but making it was the most enjoyable and engaging thing I think I've ever done. Alas I've since lost touch with multimedia production processes and even website development - as the archaic design of this site shows!

With the decline in print media there have been fewer opportunities for cartoonists to get work published, and after the birth of my first child in 2006 I devoted more time to family activities and less time to pursuing creative work. Both family life and my primary work as a full-time Psychologist now take up most of my time, so most of the material on this site is historical. However I still enjoy filling notebooks with drawings, and as the opportunity arises will try to add these to the Sketchbook section of this site.

I can be contacted at dean@deanmoore.com.

Copyright note

All graphics on this site are my original work, and are copyright Dean Moore. I hope you enjoy them and introduce them to your friends - but please don't steal them.



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