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Some years ago I used to spend a lot of time filling the pages of sketchbooks with cartoon drawings. In retrospect, it was a somewhat pointless activity, since cartoon drawings are only of value in the context of something being created for publication, whether it be a gag cartoon, comic strip, or illustration. But I used to do these drawings - which related to nothing in particular - because I enjoyed it, and it undoubtedly helped me develop a drawing style.

Looking back at these sketchbooks recently I felt some of the drawings looked interesting (and sometimes amusing), so have added this "Sketchbook" section to the site. If any of the drawings might suit your needs for an illustration for an advertisement or other publication, please contact me.

Click on an image or text link below to go to the various sketchbook pages. I'll be adding more pages as I get time, so if the drawings interest you check back again in a while. Most recent update is 6/9/06.

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